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Issue Position: Welfare


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Issue Position: Welfare

There is an underclass of people living in the United States, those living on Public Assistance. Taking money by force from the general populace through the tax system and giving it to strangers is unacceptable to many citizens.

It is not the idea of helping people that is upsetting but, is instead, the taking of money that took hard work to earn and giving it to a legislature to redistribute to others which is in dispute.

However to just say that we should stop welfare tomorrow would not stop many of the underlying problems of a system that has gotten out of hand; for it is often the very fact that welfare is an anonymous act which fuels the large numbers of recipients who apply for money from the government. Many people who get assistance do have family or friends who could help them financially but they do not want anyone to know there is a need. Many are members of churches or other religious groups that have ministries to help those in need as well, but the pride factor kicks in and no one knows the need.

Over the years I have known of those on welfare who want their own place and do not share living arrangements, or they could live at home with family but don't want to because of personality conflicts or pride.

I do not, however, solely blame the person on welfare for this mind set. Often the family members will rationalize that since they pay taxes the money is there to give to their family and friends. To get the system to change we must change the minds of the welfare receiver toward finding work, collecting child support, and asking friends, family and charity organizations for help and change the attitude of their friends and families. Just the need to ask for help would be motivation enough for many to get a job because that would create accountability to and expectations from the givers.

In the cases where there is resource I do not feel that the taxpayers should be responsible for the choices of others. It is the responsibility of the mother and father of a child to support that child and not the responsibility of the rest of society. Too many boys have children, even seven or eight of them and then decide that if the girl is pregnant she should have an abortion or go on welfare. Too many states are lax in locating the fathers, with the government merely stepping in and giving money. Instead we should tell the boys that they must find work to financially support their children even if they must drop out of school to do so. The mothers should work and support the children or , with the permission of the father, put them up for adoption or let other family members have them.

The moral aspects of welfare cannot be ignored because these same moral decisions impact all of society. We can no longer go by the "feeling" that we are doing the right thing by giving welfare and food stamps to people because of the children, when in reality the majority of these same children have other resources.

It is the teaching in school and on T.V. that says it is okay to have sex at any age, stealing the childhood away from the innocent children. Tell the children it is never right to have sex before marriage and we have few out of wedlock births. We need to teach respect for each other, what is right and wrong and stop accepting an "anything goes" mentality before we can really change welfare as we know it.

I was on welfare for several years and there were times when I should not have been; but I fit the criteria and I received money. I had resourses but did not like those choices.

Welfare takes away the dignity of the human spirit and is an enabler to the continued dependency on a system that is supposed to lift people out of despair and poverty. In reality it creates and perpetuates the life of misery and helplessness.

We give the wrong message by saying if people study and work hard, and refrain from sex before marriage they might get to college to better their lives. We tell those who commit crimes, do drugs or have babies out of wedlock the government will supply money to go to college, pay for room and board and child care and help them find a job. Is this really what we want to say?

We must expect Americans to work and take care of themselves when they are able-bodied and to require personal responsibility.

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