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Issue Position: Servant Leadership

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Servant Leadership

There are many who believe there is an elite born to lead and the rest of us must follow.

I say, we are all leaders, therefore, to be an effective leader one must be a servant, willing to sacrifice for those who follow.

Servant leadership is knowing that others could do the leading but are willing to let me lead instead, trusting that their best interests are my primary thought.

For too long we have had an almost "Royalty" exerting power over those below them, lying to be reelected and so the oppression continues.

But no more! We have become wise and realize there is something we can do. The "Ordinary American" is the back bone of this country. WE pay the taxes, WE fight the wars and WE build a strong economy.

It is time for the President, the congress, and the judges to realize that they are the ones on the bottom, not us.

Instead of a pyramid with one at the top ruling downward, we should turn it upside down with the many above. "We the people..." are at the top!

Those in the State house and the White House are there to do what we want. We send legislators to represent us, not to get there and use their power to lord it over us, thereby, making us "peasants."

Is the system working right when Americans resent those in politics or when we suffer instead of prosper because there is too much social engineering and not enough support of the entrepreneur?

There are those in government who hate success and when we prosper the motto is "You are successful; you must be punished.

Negative behavior is encouraged and the behavior we hope and pray our children will have is discouraged.

If we want to see America great again, we must take back the power the Founders intended us to have.

We need to pay attention to what our officials are really doing and stop voting for them just because we know their names. Hold them accountable for their votes and recall them if they consistently vote against our will.

We must support candidates who will find honor in being chosen to serve, not those who find their egos and personal power growing ever larger.

We can alleviate much of the problem by voting and supporting those we want. We must not be afraid the one we don't want will get elected it we don't vote for the "lessor of two evils".

Our one voice does matter if we will only join together and take action.

It is time to stop being invisible citizens and know that we can overcome the tradition of only having the rich and famous or career politicians run for office. We can work together as "Oridinary Americans" to see our country brought back to the Consititution's original intent of liberty and freedom.

Take courage and have hope for a renewed America!

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