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Issue Position: Abortion


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Issue Position: Abortion

I am a Pro-Life candidate and believe that each individual is made in the image of God and, therefore, is given the right to life regardless of the circumstances of conception.

A child conceived by incest or the violence of rape should be given an opportunity to thrive in the world. If it is too painful for the mother to keep the child, counseling and support should be tried and if there is still a problem, there is always adoption.

The excuse of poverty or deformity will not sway my thoughts toward the "quality of life" issue because poverty is not a static state, but even if it was it is still better than death. As far as handicaps are concerned, I know many people who are disabled and none of them have told me they wished they had been aborted. Should someone who does not yet know them be allowed to determine their existence or kill them once born? Just as the quality of my life should not be determined by someone other than myself, no one should determine the quality of life of the unborn child.

We can not let our society become so obsessed with death that we are quick to think of abortion or euthanasia; instead we must think of the importance of each person's value to the world.

If the mother's life is in danger then treatment should be given to save her life even if it may be harmful to the fetus. If this fails and the mother has been given all alternatives, removal of the fetus should be done with the proper medical attention given to preserve the life of the child if possible, in which case, the term should be to "deliver" not abort.

I have heard people say that if their daughter was raped and became pregnant they would not want her to go through the trauma of delivering a baby; but what these same parents do not understand is that there is much more trauma to a girl or woman who realizes that she has stopped the life of her own child and received no protective support from her family, friends or spiritual leaders. Relationships are often damaged for years and in some cases are never healed.

Abortion steals a part of the very being of womanhood, and goes against our strong desire to bear and nurture children. Because of the emotional trauma of abortion a large number of women have a baby in a year or two anyway, so she might as well bear this child.

Life is precious, let's protect it.

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