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We Will Never Have Lower Taxes


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There is a question that needs to be asked as to why the federal government is responsible for states that waste their taxpayer's money and then cry about not getting funds to do what is really important?

My ire was raised from reading an article from the Mercury News about a visit from President Bush to California in April 2006. From this visit we can see why government spending will never be under control.

For example, we need only refer to the demand of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for money to fix California's crumbling levee system.

California passed the controversial Prop. 71 allocating $3 billion for embryonic stem-cell and cloning research funding, which many Californians are opposed to, but can not find the $1 billion to fix the levee system.

Governor Schwarzenegger claims there is a Katrina-style disaster which could happen any moment and wants disaster relief before it happens. He wants anywhere from $150 million to $1 billion to fix 29 levees and repair all the 1,100 miles of earthen barriers. The Bush administration disagreed, however, and would not grant the preemptive federal disaster declaration.

Legislative Democrats, as usual, could only complain. Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, D-Los Angeles stated, "The headline on this story should be: 'Bush to California; Drop Dead'." He also said "California needs federal money to prevent a Katrina-like emergency, and we need it now."

If California needs money for levees then the people should be told to make a decision. "Do you want embryonic stem-cell, cloning research or do you want to fix the levee system?" States have the right to decide but not to expect other states to pay for it.

Only when we tell people like Senator Diane Feinstein, "No $56 million-$1 billion for levees if California wastes money.", will we finally be able to cut the Federal budget and give people the freedom to spend our own money.

If the Federal Government gives California money to fix the levees then I, as a resident of a different state, am helping pay for the immoral embryonic stem-cell and cloning research; which I oppose.

Why is it my responsibility to help protect people's homes in flood plains? If I choose to live below water level then I am responsible for what does or does not happen, no one else should be required to pay for my choice.

My state has enough problems that require my attention. I do not want to be paying for other state's wasteful spending, too. I also do not want to pay for embryonic stem cell research or the wasteful spending of any other state.

When cities are wasteful they ask the counties for money who then ask the states for money who then ask the federal government for money.

When you look at the fact that state money typically pays only 25% of the tab, it seems like the time has come to tell the Federal government to stop paying money to states that are fiscally irresponsible.

We are Americans and as such we need to think about the consequences of all government spending, not just local.

It is time to stop letting politicians buy votes with our tax dollars and elect those who have the freedom and welfare of the nation in mind.

If we ever want to have lower taxes and stop this wild spending spree, we need to tell our elected official to just say "NO!".

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