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Issue Position: Border Security/Immigration

Issue Position

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We are a nation of immigrants, but we are also a nation of laws. We must secure our borders, hold employers accountable for who they hire and oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Step 1: Secure the border

I believe that efforts to secure our border are a vital first step to dealing with today's immigration problem.

In Congress, I am tirelessly working to provide the resources that federal and state authorities need to secure our borders. To date, I have cosponsored more than 20 bills to strengthen our borders and step up the enforcement of current immigration laws.

* I partnered in introducing the bipartisan Secure America with Verification and Enforcement Act of 2007 (SAVE) which will add 8,000 additional border patrol agents by 2012, and will utilize new technology and infrastructure to secure the border.

Step 2: Give Employers the Tools to Verify the Employment Eligibility of Potential Hires

The state of Illinois, under the leadership of the Blagojevich Administration, has turned our state into a virtual sancuarty state for illegal immigrats by banning the use of E-Verify.

The only way to secure our nation's borders is by removing the magnets that attract thousands of people to illegally enter our country every day.

* E-Verify is a free, quick, and accurate way to verify employee eligibility. Currently the program is voluntary, putting users at an economic disadvantage to competitors that hire illegal immigrants.

* The US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the State of Illinois and its plan to prohibit employers from voluntarily enrolling in any Employment Eligibility Verification System, including E-Verify

Step 3: Oppose Senate Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Bill

The Congressional Budget Office reports that this legislation would cost $126 billion over the next 10 years.

* $24.5 billion in Tax Refunds (forgives 3 years on back taxes)

* $15.4 billion in Medicare, Medicaid spending

* $5.2 billion in guaranteed Social Security benefits

* Requires the U.S. to get permission from Mexico to construct a barrier at the border

CNN on Senate Amnesty Legislation

According to CNN on 9/4/06,

"Congress returns from its summer vacation this week. One of the most contentious issues on the agenda is the Senate's illegal alien amnesty bill. Now if that legislation becomes law it will legalize millions of illegal aliens in this country, and according to the Congressional Budget Office it will cost taxpayers upwards of 100 billion dollars." Click here to view this video.

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