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Expanding, Protecting Economic Opportunities For New Hampshire Citizens

Bringing Alternative Energy Jobs to New Hampshire; Expanding New Hampshire's Energy Choices

Gov. John Lynch proposed and signed into law the Renewable Energy Act, aimed at helping New Hampshire get 25 percent of its energy from renewable energy sources by 2025. This law is helping attract alternative energy jobs to New Hampshire, and will build New Hampshire's economy by increasing our energy independence; diversifying our energy sources; encouraging investment in new, cleaner energy production in New Hampshire and helping stabilize energy costs for businesses and families.

Expanding Critical Job Training

To make sure New Hampshire workers and companies can compete in a global economy, Gov. John Lynch led the effort to re-create the state's Job Training Fund. Now, New Hampshire is dedicating $1 million annually to helping train workers.

Creating the Research & Development Tax Credit

To attract and keep innovative jobs in New Hampshire, Gov. John Lynch worked to create a research-and-development tax credit. This credit is providing up to $1 million annually to encourage companies to create the jobs of the future in New Hampshire.

Revitalizing the North Country Economy

Gov. John Lynch is working closely with North Country leaders to help workers affected by mill closings and to transform the North Country economy. This year, Gov. Lynch created the Coos County Tax Credit to provide a significant incentive for businesses to create new jobs in Coos County. Any business that creates a job paying at least 150 percent of minimum wage will be eligible for a $750 credit against its business taxes for each of the next five years, while a company that creates a job paying 200 percent of minimum wage would receive a $1,000 credit. Also, the cost of health benefits can be added to a wage to determine whether the newly created job qualifies for a tax credit and at what level.

Extending the Economic Revitalization Zone Tax Credit

John Lynch supported legislation to extend the Economic Revitalization Zone Tax Credit, which provides incentives to help revitalize downtown areas and attract businesses to rural areas.

Expanding Wireless Broadband Opportunities

Under Gov. Lynch, New Hampshire is developing its first broadband access strategy and the state is distributing wireless broadband grants to communities across New Hampshire. In addition, Gov. Lynch signed a law allowing communities to invest in developing broadband infrastructure.

Investing in Travel and Tourism Promotion

Under Gov. Lynch, New Hampshire has increased its investment in promoting tourism, one of the state's largest industries. As the economy has slowed, the state has launched a number of efforts to help to continue to attract visitors to New Hampshire.

Investing in Building Quality Roads and Bridges

To make sure New Hampshire has the high quality roads and bridges it needs to move its economy, Gov. Lynch worked to return fiscal responsibility to the state's highway plan and to move forward major road projects. Under the highway plan signed by Gov. Lynch, New Hampshire will move forward with a number of critical road projects, including expanding Interstate 93, expanding the Spaulding Turnpike and repairing 80 red-listed bridges.

Expanding Public Transportation

Recognizing newer, wider roads will not solve congestion on our highways, Gov. Lynch supported the creation of a New Hampshire Rail Authority charged with bringing commuter rail back to southern New Hampshire.

Helping Businesses Save on Energy Costs

The Business and Industry Association, ISO New England and state Department of Resources joined Gov. John Lynch and the Division of Economic Development in creating a public-private partnership to promote energy efficiency in the business community, allowing businesses to stabilize their costs and keep them competitive in the global marketplace.

In addition, through the creation of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which will allow New Hampshire to create an energy efficiency funds to help businesses and families.

Helping Small Businesses Keep Health Insurance for Workers

Under Gov. Lynch, the state is launching New Hampshire HealthFirst, an innovative initiative aimed at helping small businesses better afford health insurance for their workers.

New Hampshire HealthFirst was developed in conjunction with the state Insurance Department, lawmakers and other stakeholders to address the rising cost of health insurance for small businesses. It will provide comparable coverage to existing health insurance plans, and reduce premiums by addressing the underlying cost drivers of health care increases through better prevention, better care management and more efficient use of health care services.

In addition, Gov. Lynch worked successfully to repeal a law that allowed insurance companies to discriminate against sick workers.

Bringing New Hampshire Companies to the World

As Governor, John Lynch invested in the International Trade Resource Center to help New Hampshire companies sell their products and services to countries around the world.

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