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Issue Position: Social Security

Issue Position

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One of Congressman Sessions' main focuses in Congress is protecting, preserving, and reforming Social Security. Social Security provides a critical foundation of income for retired and disabled workers, but it will soon face its greatest test as the Baby Boom generation quickly approaches retirement. Evolving demographics--a growing number of retirees coupled with a shrinking base of workers--are leading to an unsustainable model for Social Security. In a little more than a decade, Social Security will reach a critical juncture in its history as it begins to pay out more in benefits than it takes in through payroll taxes, a financial situation that cannot continue indefinitely.

If we are to ensure the retirement benefits of current and future generations, we must fix Social Security. Social Security has been changed many times in the past in order to meet the changing demographic. With the next reform, we can maintain the safety net function of Social Security.

Regardless of the changes we make to the Social Security system, Congressman Sessions believes that we must adhere to five principles: First, no tax increases; second, no benefit cuts; third, no increase in the retirement age; fourth, current and future beneficiaries must have guaranteed benefits and receive back every dollar they put in; and finally, Social Security must continue to be administered by the Social Security Administration.

Congressman Sessions believes it is crucial for Congress to examine ways to provide a long-term solution for the problems that currently plague the system. Social Security needs to be reformed to address its future deficits--and another short-term fix that does not address the underlying causes of these problems is simply unacceptable. Congressman Sessions remains committed to fixing these critical problems with our current Social Security system and to promoting legislation that will provide effective solutions for the future.

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