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Louisianna Delegation Asks President to Assign Full Gustav Response Cost to Federal Government

Louisianna Delegation Asks President to Assign Full Gustav Reponse Cost to Federal Government

United States Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., and the rest of the Louisiana delegation today asked President Bush to support Governor Jindal's request to adjust the cost-share associated with Hurricane Gustav response to a 100 percent federal cost. A typical federal cost-share would be 75 percent with the state picking up 25 percent.

"Every parish in Louisiana declared a State of Emergency and was either directly affected by the storm or is now assisting evacuees from the hardest hit parishes," the delegation wrote. "The pre-storm evacuation was the largest in United States history, and the movement of almost two million people and subsequent housing of these evacuees had a huge financial impact.

"We urge you to quickly approve the Governor's request so that our state, which is still struggling to restore its economy in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, can quickly move forward."

Hurricane Gustav hit Louisiana on September 1 as a strong Category 2 storm, just one mile per hour shy of Category 3 strength. It killed 25 people in the state, and 95 percent of south Louisiana's population evacuated. It is expected to result in approximately $2 to $5 billion in lost economic activity and $7 to $15 billion in property damage.

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