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Issue Position: Border Security

Issue Position

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Legal immigration and border security are two separate issues. There are two different ways for immigrants to enter the United States--the right and legal way or the wrong way. I support those who enter our nation the right way. We cannot reward people who break the law as their first action in the United States and I will oppose any legislation that does so. A bold line exists between legal and illegal workers and immigrants, and I believe we need to protect the rights of those people who are here legally.

Our porous border is a risk to national security. The fact is, we don't know who is coming across our border, why they are coming, and what they are doing when they get here. I co-sponsored the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act (H.R. 4437). This bill expands border surveillance, makes military support available to the Border Patrol, and increases the number of full-time port inspectors and K-9 units to secure our borders. I also co-sponsored the Real ID Act (H.R. 418), which created national standards for driver's licenses and identification cards and improved deportation laws for aliens.

While I support legal immigration, illegal immigration is a national security risk. To keep Americans safe, we need to take swift, decisive action and implement strong measures that will effectively secure our borders.

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