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Issue Position: Border Security

Issue Position

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America's borders are our nation's last line of defense in the War on Terror and they must be secured. During the last session of Congress my subcommittee on Investigations authored issued a border security report showed evidence that terrorists want to exploit our porous borders to gain entry into the United States. It is for that reason alone America must make securing our borders the top priority. However, we are all aware of the problems this nation is having with illegal immigration and the negative impact illegal immigration is having on the United States and Congress must stop the flow of illegal immigrants first, before any debate begins about temporary guest worker programs. America has a right and, more importantly, a responsibility to determine who enters our nation and for what reasons. We must secure our borders and I will continue fighting to do so.
My votes and work to secure the border have included:

* Voted for $2.33 billion for border security, adding 1,200 new border agents along the Texas/Mexico border.
* Sponsored House legislation putting an end to the failed catch and release policy for Other-Than-Mexican (OTM) illegal aliens captured by the border patrol, and mandating the Homeland Security Department provide enough detention space for their containment.
* Opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants.
* Believes that Americans should not suffer the costs imposed by the illegal aliens in this country, and in our state.
* Voted for and supports the establishment of physical barriers to stop illegal entry, and encourages the use of the latest technology to monitor and secure our borders.
* Continues to fight for release of former border patrol agents Ramos and Compean

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