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Issue Position: Homeland & National Security

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Homeland & National Security

I believe that we must focus on ensuring a strong national defense, maintaining high military readiness, meeting our commitments to a better quality of life for our armed forces and their families, and authorizing investment programs necessary to modernize the equipment that our forces use. We also need to invest in our first responders, secure our vulnerable infrastructure, and improve our domestic intelligence.

Internationally, today's most compelling challenge is the War on Terror. If we fail to secure peace throughout the world, the consequences for our national security are ominous.

We must work tirelessly to collectively stomp out the use of terror as a means to impose oppression and erode democracy. We must work to build a global society that allows all men and women to live in free societies that advocate for peace, freedom, equality, and justice.

In Iraq, we need to broaden our coalition and bring in other major countries. The burden to secure peace in Iraq should not be on the American solider alone, and the burden to fund reconstruction efforts should not be only on the American taxpayer. By broadening the coalition, our opportunities for success will grow and a peaceful, stable Iraq can be achieved.

Beyond Iraq, there are many other national security concerns around the world. From Afghanistan to North Korea to the Philippines to the Mideast, the United States faces new challenges. With the global war against terrorism and new security threats around the globe every day, Americans must work together to enhance our national security and fortify our peace and prosperity.

National Security Priorities

· Capture and bring Osama Bin Laden and Al Queda leaders to justice.
· Bring a successful resolution to the conflict in Iraq by broadening our coalition and fully funding our troops.
· Eliminating dangerous terrorist cells within our nation and abroad through increased intelligence, international cooperation, and a strong military.
· Ending the use of terror as a weapon against Americans and our allies at all cost.
· Secure all vulnerable infrastructure within our nation to prevent future attacks against our country.
· Fully funding all federal programs for our first responders and local communities.

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