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Why Governor Huckabee Should Endorse Gayle Harrell - Vote in His Online Poll


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Today, Former Presidential Candidate and Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee announced that he was launching a poll on his website to help him determine which candidate to endorse in Florida's 16th Congressional District.

You can vote for Gayle Harrell in Governor Huckabee's Poll by Clicking Here.

You may be visiting our website for the first time as a result of Governor Huckabee's poll.

As one of Governor Huckabee's early supporters in the Presidential race and Gayle Harrell's campaign manager, I wanted to share with you some of the reasons I think that Gayle Harrell would be an ideal candidate for Huck PAC to support. (Gayle has already received support from Newt Gingrich, Tommy Thompson, and Tom Tancredo)
Please give Gayle your strongest consideration and please vote for her in the HuckPac poll by clicking here.

What differentiates Gayle Harrell is that she is the only candidate in the race with a proven record of supporting our conservative values and she is the strongest candidate to defeat Tim Mahoney in November.

Gayle Harrell is Pro-Life
For eight years in the Florida House of Representatives, Gayle fought for common sense pro-life policies - policies such as parental notification and parental consent and most recently, the ultrasound bill. Gayle voted to save the life of Terri Schiavo and support the ethical and more promising adult stem cell research instead of unproven research that destroys human embryos. In fact, the Christian Coalition Scorecard shows that Gayle earned a 100% rating on Pro-life votes.

Gayle believes that the unborn child has an inalienable right to life that cannot be infringed. She believes that Roe V. Wade should be overturned and, as a result of judicial activism, we need a human life amendment to the constitution.

Planned Parenthood is spending thousands of dollars to defeat Gayle because she is the only candidate with a proven Pro-life record and the strongest candidate to take on their friend Tim Mahoney in November. (Vote Here)

Gayle Harrell Will Cosponsor the Fair Tax
Gayle Harrell believes that we need a complete overhaul of the federal tax code. She has pledged to cosponsor the fair tax proposal when elected and will vote for flat tax proposals because either system would be better than the system that we have now.

In Tallahassee, Gayle voted to cut taxes by over $28 billion and she never voted for a tax increase. She will vote to make the Republican tax cuts permanent. (Vote Here)

Gayle Harrell has been a Leader in the Fight to Secure the Borders

In the state house Harrell wrote the Florida Safe Borders Act that would have allowed local law enforcement to cooperate with Federal Immigration authorities and co-sponsored legislation that would have required state contractors to use E-verify. She also led the fight against allowing illegal aliens to get health care benefits.

Gayle was recently endorsed by Team America PAC, founded by Congressman Tom Tancredo. She is also supported by the head of the Florida Minutemen, the Vice President of Floridians for Immigration Enforcement, and the CEO of Bridges Across America. (Vote Here)

Gayle Harrell is Endorsed by the National Rifle Association
Gayle Harrell is the only Republican candidate for Congress with a proven record of defending our second amendment liberties. Gayle earned an A+ from the NRA in the State legislature, where she cosponsored castle doctrine and other NRA endorsed legislation. She is also endorsed by the Unified Sportsmen of Florida and received a 100% from the Gun Owners of America. (Vote Here)

Gayle Harrell is a Military Wife and Mother
While her husband James was serving in Vietnam, Gayle arrived early for class one day after having stopped at the post office to pick up her mail. She had just received a letter from James and sat down to open it. He wrote to her everyday and since soldiers in the field couldn't carry stamps with them, all mail arrived from Viet Nam with "free" written across the top right hand corner of the envelope where a stamp would usually be. The letter included several pictures, including one of James standing in a tunnel discovered within the perimeter of his base camp at Cu Chi.

Another graduate student happened to see the envelope and the photographs that were lying on the desk while she read the letter. He asked if she knew someone in Viet Nam and Gayle answered that her husband, James, was stationed there. He asked her why her husband had not gone to Canada and she replied "Because he was doing his duty." The student turned away in disgust and said, "Well then, I hope he doesn't come home." (Vote Here)

Gayle Harrell Supports a Comprehensive Energy Policy

Pro Production: Increase production through increased exploration and investment in finding new oil fields. There are an estimated 75 billion barrels of oil in areas of the U.S., including offshore reserves and oil shale fields, where drilling is prohibited. Open new oil fields in areas where resources have already been identified; as Anwar, western North and South Dakota and eastern Montana and off the coast of Florida. Change federal law to give all states with offshore oil and gas, including Florida, the same share of federal royalties Wyoming gets for land-based resources (48%). Use closed military facilities as location for construction of oil refineries.

Pro Incentive: Use national tax policy and incentives to unleash the creative genius of America to find new solutions to the energy problem. Promote innovation in developing new technologies to promote conservation, the use of coal, (our most abundant energy source), and alternative energy sources such as wind, solar and bio-fuel. Make the solar power and wind power tax credits permanent to create a large scale industry dedicated to domestically produced renewable fuel. Use technology and innovation to develop new methods of energy conservation. Develop a tax credit for refitting existing coal plants. Use tax policy to promote the development of cars and trucks that get over a 100 miles to the gallon.

Pro Nuclear: Gayle has lived less than 10 miles from the St. Lucie Nuclear power plant for almost 30 years. We must invest in 21st century nuclear technology, just as France has done. Since 48 % of our national energy being consumed is used in homes and other buildings, we can reduce our need for foreign fuel significantly through the use of nuclear power. (Vote Here)

Gayle Harrell Supports a Federal Marriage Amendment to the Constitution
Gayle strongly believes that we must define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. She has endorsed and campaigned for the Florida Marriage Amendment (Amendment 2) which will be on the ballot this fall in FL and will advocate for a similar amendment at the federal level. (Vote Here)

Gayle Harrell's Passion is Health Care and She Can Address the 77 Million Baby Boomers About To Enter our Medicare System

Gayle has served as Chair of three healthcare committees and has been a leader in health policy during the past seven years in the Florida House of Representatives.

Gayle served as one of the key architects of Medicaid Reform in Florida.

She believes that we must create an intelligent 21st century system healthcare system by putting the patient in control of his/her healthcare. The system must focus on wellness, early detection and prevention. Financial incentives and appropriate information about cost, quality and choices must be provided to patients to empower them to make smart decisions. Electronic health records and 21st century health information technology are the key to reducing costs and improving outcomes.

Gayle has been the legislator of the year for the American Cancer Society, the Florida Medical Association, and the Florida Society of Dermatology, along with many other health advocacy groups. (Vote Here)

Gayle Harrell Understands the Threat We Face From Radical Islam

Gayle served on the Florida House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety and had served on the Domestic Security Committee for the four years prior.

Gayle believes the number one responsibility of government is to protect its citizens, both at home and abroad. She understands the threat our country faces from Radical Islam, and is focused on winning the war on terror, not on creating artificial timelines for the United States and their allies to surrender to the terrorist. America is engaged in a war that we did not start, but for the security of our country, it is a war we must now win.

Gayle Harrell Knows that Republicans Need to Talk About Domestic Issues Like Education
Gayle believes that our kids are our future and deserve the very best educational opportunities. She has taught in our public schools and has worked tirelessly to improve our public education system.

As a Member of the Florida House of Representatives, Gayle has worked with Governor Jeb Bush to hold our schools accountable, promote school choice and adequately fund our educational system.

Gayle believes that providing excellent educational opportunities to all students is the responsibility of each individual State. If the federal government is involved in education, it should do so through block grants with funding going directly to the State with "No Strings Attached". (Vote Here)

Gayle Harrell is the Strongest Candidate to Face Tim Mahoney
Gayle Harrell has truly been the Grassroots candidate in this race for Congress. She has raised the most money from the district and more money from small donors than both of her opponents combined.

Gayle was the only candidate to successfully qualify for the ballot by signature petition. Both of her Republican opponents tried to collect signatures, but were forced to pay an expensive filing fee.

Several party leaders have said that Gayle Harrell is the only Republican candidate that can win in November.

What They're Saying About The Race

"Gayle Harrell is more than just a leader for Florida. Her innovative work making health care more affordable for everyone makes her a model legislator."

-Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich

"Representative Harrell will be a strong leader for our district. She has the experience and leadership to go to Washington and make a difference, and her commitments to fiscal responsibility, keeping our country safe and providing families with more healthcare options will benefit Florida and the United States. Gayle is the only candidate with the message and experience needed to beat Tim Mahoney next fall."
- Senate President Ken Pruitt

"No one will out campaign her, no one will work harder, her trademark red tennis shoes are back on and she will leave no issue unanswered and no voter not contacted. I believe strongly that Gayle Harrell is the only Republican in the race who can win."

-Carole Jean Jordan, Former Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida

"Florida District 16 represents one of the best opportunities nationally for Republicans to reclaim a seat in Congress and one of the most critical races for our party this cycle… Gayle has an eight-year record in Tallahassee that every Republican would love to run on: cutting taxes by over 28 billion, stopping welfare benefits for illegal aliens, crafting legislation to make our seaports secure, and defending the unborn."

-Tom Slade, Former Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida

"We thank you for your courageous stand… concerning your commitment to the right of the unborn."

-Adam Goldman, Vice President of Florida Right to Life*

"Gayle Harrell has always been a strong supporter of the second amendment and has always believed it is an individual right as laid out by our founding fathers."

-Marion Hammer, Former President of the National Rifle Association

"Gayle is a breath of fresh air. She is a down to earth person and very trustful. She listens to the voters and sees and knows what the people of Florida have been dealing with as gas prices are rising and our borders are out of control. She also knows what needs to be done to help us all get our trust back in Government."

- Bill Landes, Florida Minutemen Director*

"State Rep. Gayle Harrell, R-Port St. Lucie, assured herself a spot on the ballot for Congress - and gained grass-roots bragging rights in her competitive primary… Harrell appears to be the only local congressional candidate to get on the ballot via the signature method… Rooney's campaign acknowledged falling short, while Harrell's group said the signatures showed a strong political ground operation."

-Palm Beach Post

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