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An "All of the Above" Strategy to Become Energy Independent


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The need for comprehensive energy legislation has never been more apparent. We've grown dangerously dependent on foreign oil sources and we can't allow this to threaten our economic security. Just as there was no one cause for our current energy crisis, there is no one silver bullet for getting us out of it. It will require comprehensive legislation which increases the supply of American-made energy, expands and encourages the use of renewable and alternative American fuels, funds research and development of new and innovative energy technologies, and increases energy efficiency and conservation to reduce consumption and protect our environment.

Instead of addressing the current energy crisis by allowing the House to vote on a comprehensive energy policy, the Speaker of the House adjourned the House of Representatives for five weeks. Over 100 House Republicans, including myself, have returned to Washington to urge the Congressional Leadership to reconvene the Congress in order to pass legislation which will increase the supply, security and diversity of American energy, promote conservation and put real alternative fuel sources in the hands of consumers to lower costs.

Additionally, I have joined over 100 members of the House of Representatives in signing seven discharge petitions which would immediately bring seven critical pieces of legislation to the House floor for a vote. These bills represent an "all of the above" strategy which is the only way to lower the price of energy and set our country on a path to energy independence.

Specifically, these bills are designed to encourage domestic production of energy by providing tax credits to capture carbon dioxide coming up smoke stacks and use it to flush oil out of existing wells allowing us to get more oil out of wells that we already have while at the same time, reducing green house gas emissions, extending the wind energy tax credit for 10 years, encouraging investment in new nuclear power plants, opening at least three closed military bases as oil refineries, allowing the federal government to procure advanced alternative fuels derived from diverse sources like oil shale, tar sands and coal-to-liquid technology, reducing onerous government mandates, lifting the moratorium on drilling along the Outer Continental Shelf, which could potentially provide 17 billion barrels of oil and opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for drilling, potentially producing a million barrels of oil a day.

Energy costs are affecting the daily life of folks all across the country. We must change the direction this Congress has been headed in addressing this issue. The majority of Americans support an "all of the above" strategy to address our energy crisis. It is time the leadership in the House brings these important pieces of legislation, which will increase the supply of American-made energy, improve conservation and efficiency and promote renewable and alternative energy technologies, before the House for a vote.

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