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McClintock Challenges Brown to Take the No Tax Pledge!

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McClintock Says "I Will Not Raise Taxes"

State Senator Tom McClintock's Democratic opponent, Charlie Brown, who has never been involved in state budget negotiations, last week distributed an email demanding passage of the budget now pending in the State Legislature. McClintock delivered a response to Nevada County Republicans in a speech Saturday in Grass Valley.

"Sorry, Charlie, I will not raise taxes. I will not raise taxes in California. I will not raise taxes in Washington D.C. I will not raise taxes, period," McClintock said. "And, that is something the people of this district can take to the bank."

While McClintock is a candidate in California's Fourth Congressional District, he has not stopped fulfilling the duties of his day job. McClintock is one of the 15 Senate Republicans holding the line in the debate over California's state budget. The current state budget proposal that Charlie Brown demands be passed includes more than $5 billion of new taxes that will boost California's sales tax to nearly 10 percent. McClintock said the state budget proposal contains the second biggest tax increase in the history of California.

"It will cost an average family some $550 of additional taxes at a time when they're struggling to pay their electricity bill, their gasoline bill and a tax burden that is already one of the highest in the nation," McClintock said. "That shouldn't surprise us. Charlie has already proposed an $18 billion tax increase on oil companies. There's only one problem with that. Oil companies don't pay oil company taxes. We consumers pay oil company taxes as they pass them along to us as higher prices."

McClintock said it comes as no surprise that Charlie Brown refuses to take the "No Tax Pledge" to protect the people of the 4th Congressional District from the massive tax increases that the Pelosi Congress is already preparing to unleash.

McClintock said that the Pelosi and her colleagues have refused to make the Bush tax cuts permanent - and they have refused to repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax. He said their refusal to do so makes those tax increases automatic.

"That's why the election is so important. That's why the no tax pledge is so important. And that's why Charlie Brown's insistence on passing a budget with the second biggest tax increase in the history of California is so appalling - and why it's important to understand what it would do to our economy," McClintock said.

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