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Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position


I understand how emotional and important the issue of illegal immigration is to Americans across our nation. Please know I am whole-heartedly against amnesty for illegal immigrants. I believe our first priority is to secure our borders and prevent immigrants entering this country illegally.

Securing our borders means requiring the use of security surveillance on our borders, building an electric fence and tripling the number of border patrol agents. I support collaborating with border state governments to deploy the National Guard and other military personnel to exercise appropriate force in order to secure our borders.

While I strongly support efforts to deport immigrants who have committed criminal acts, I also favor increasing penalties for employers who knowingly and willingly recruit and hire illegal immigrants. Employers must be held accountable for breaking the law, as well.

I have heard concern from many of my constituents about the Senate compromise legislation, which would secure the border, establish a guest-worker program and create a pathway for earned citizenship. Though no companion legislation was introduced into the House, please be assured I intend to discuss the merits and consequences of this proposal in detail with my colleagues as the 110th Congress progresses.

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