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Issue Position: Tax Relief

Issue Position


The American people are tired of being over-taxed. They work harder than ever for their money yet take home less of it because the federal government continues to tax them everytime they turn around. Congress needs to act to relieve that burden.

It was the Bush Tax Cuts in 2003 that created nearly six million new jobs and huge gains in the stock market. The time to make them permanent is now. If these tax cuts are not made permanent, 116 million Americans will experience an average tax increase of $1,800.

For example:

* A single mom with two children and $30,000 in earnings will see her taxes go up by 67%

* An elderly couple with $40,000 in income would see their taxes go up by about 155%

* 26 million small business owners would see their taxes increase by nearly 17% or about $4,000 on average.

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