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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position


Health care costs have spiraled out of control in recent years. We must attempt to bring these costs under control while at the same time ensuring the highest quality of care for Americans.

Some of the legislation I am working on right now to address this issue include:

* H.R. 1329- This bill would require that State Childrens Health Insurance Program funding goes to the population for which it was originally intended before states are allowed to expand its population of recipients.

* H.R. 3234, the HSA Improvement and Expansion Act of 2007- This bill changes tax treatments relating to health savings accounts to:

1. allow HSAs to incorporate flexible spending and health reimbursement arrangements;

2. increase the annual HSA contribution limitation (currently it is $2,850 for singles and it would raise to $4,500);

3. permit the use of HSAs to purchase health insurance (encompassing insurance premiums under a "qualified medical expense");

4. allow the payment of certain medical expenses incurred before the establishment of an HAS (the gap between January in March when the expenses incurred cannot be reimbursed with these funds);

5. allow veterans eligible for service-connected disability benefits to establish an HSA;

6. allow spouses to make increased catch-up contributions to a single HSA.

* H.R. 4460, Health Care Choice Act- Allows a consumer to purchase a health insurance plan offered in another state.

* H.R. 1474 and H.R. 3140 both help pharmacists with their reimbursements from Medicaid.

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