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Issue Position: Controlling The Nation's Borders

Issue Position


Illegal immigration is a very serious problem and there is no quick fix to defuse the current crisis. The issue is complicated in Congress by geo-specific problems where Border States want the border controlled immediately, while agriculture-heavy states like Georgia want to ensure that there is a steady supply of available labor. I believe that any immigration reform package should include increased border security, a temporary work visa system, tamper-proof, biometric identification cards, employer sanctions for violations and access to positive identification technology. While the challenges to address this issue are clear, it is time for America to secure its borders first and develop a non-amnesty temporary worker program.

I am an active member of the House Immigration Reform Caucus, and am working to find commonsense solutions to help control our nation's borders to prevent illegal immigration and criminal activity. For the my most recent actions on this front, please check out his immigration reform section on my blog.

Immigration reform proposals on which Congressman Kingston is working include:

* H.R. 138- Mandates the use of the e-verify system.

* H.R. 332- Prohibits any illegal alien from receiving social security.

* H.R. 1314- Photo i.d. security

* H.R. 1792- H-2A reform

* H.R. 1940- Changes the treatment of automatic birthright citizenship

* H.R. 2508- Requires those contracting with the federal government to use the e-verify program for their employees

* H.R. 3494- CLEAR Act- Prohibits sanctuary cities

* H.R. 3496- Border Control and Contract Accountability

* H.R. 3554- No tax deduction can be taken for employers who are hiring illegals

* H.R. 4088- the SAVE Act
* H.R. 4160- Prohibiting states or cities from granting drivers licenses to illegal alien

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