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Blackburn Returns From the Arctic


Location: Nashville, TN

Blackburn Returns From The Arctic

Trip Convinces Tennessee Rep. That Drilling In ANWR Is Critical

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN-7) concluded her three day trip to the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR) and returned to Nashville this morning. Her visit to the extreme northern section of Alaska convinced the Tennessee Representative that drilling there is practical, environmentally responsible, and essential to American energy independence. Blackburn was particularly struck by the potential growth for American jobs that energy exploration in ANWR would represent.

"When I went to ANWR I expected to see a pristine wilderness teeming with wildlife who knew that this tiny refuge was their only safe haven. What I discovered was a broad area just a little bit smaller than the state of Tennessee. The nearest mountain is 30 miles away and the closest tree is 70 miles past that. In this vast and desolate landscape, we only need to drill in an area roughly 10% the size of Franklin and 20% of Germantown, TN. That operation would mean as many as 750,000 new American jobs. These are jobs that would otherwise go to oil producing countries like Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, or Russia. I return to Tennessee even more convinced that we need to drill here and drill now."

The welfare of the residents of the region also interested Blackburn:

"ANWR represents a vast resource that was taken from the people of the area by the Federal Government by eminent domain. Their only compensation was 2,000 acres they could exploit for oil. Then the Government cruelly came back and restricted that exploitation; seriously damaging the welfare of the people who live in the area. Denying them the right to drill, and denying America the oil we need for energy independence is unfair to Alaskans and all Americans."

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