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Relating to The Liberation of the Iraqi People and the Valiant Service of the United States Armed Forces and Coalition Forces

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. HYDE. Mr. Speaker, pursuant to House Resolution 561, I call up the resolution (H. Res. 557) relating to the liberation of the Iraqi people and the valiant service of the United States Armed Forces and Coalition forces, and ask for its immediate consideration.

The Clerk read the title of the resolution.

The text of House Resolution 557 is as follows:

H. Res. 557

Whereas Saddam Hussein and his regime committed crimes against humanity, systematically violating the human rights of Iraqis and citizens of other countries;

Whereas Saddam Hussein's terror regime subjected the Iraqi people to murder, torture, rape, and amputation;

Whereas on March 16, 1988, Saddam Hussein's regime had and unleashed weapons of mass destruction against Kurdish citizens, killing nearly 5,000 of them;

Whereas as many as 270 mass grave sites, containing the remains of as many as 400,000 victims of Saddam Hussein's regime, have been found in Iraq;

Whereas rape was used to intimidate the Iraqi population, with victims often raped in front of their families;

Whereas the regime punished the Marsh Arabs by draining the marshlands, which created hundreds of thousands of refugees and caused an ecological catastrophe;

Whereas the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-338), passed by the House of Representatives by a vote of 360 to 38, made it United States policy to support efforts to remove from power the regime headed by Saddam Hussein;

Whereas with the Iraqi regime failing to comply with 16 previously adopted United Nations Security Council resolutions, the Security Council unanimously approved Resolution 1441 on November 8, 2002, declaring that Iraq "has been and remains in material breach of its obligations under relevant resolutions, including resolution 687 (1991), in particular through Iraq's failure to cooperate with United Nations inspectors"; and

Whereas on October 10, 2002, the House of Representatives passed the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 (Public Law 107-243) and on March 19, 2003, the United States initiated military operations in Iraq: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives-

(1) affirms that the United States and the world have been made safer with the removal of Saddam Hussein and his regime from power in Iraq;

(2) commends the Iraqi people for their courage in the face of unspeakable oppression and brutality inflicted on them by Saddam Hussein's regime;

(3) commends the Iraqi people on the adoption of Iraq's interim constitution; and

(4) commends the members of the United States Armed Forces and Coalition forces for liberating Iraq and expresses its gratitude for their valiant service.


Mr. CANTOR. Mr. Speaker, as I sit here and I listen to the debate, I am almost in disbelief when I hear Members on the other side claiming perhaps that the world is not as safe a place since Saddam Hussein was removed.

But I do not hear anyone on the other side disputing the facts in the resolution that Saddam Hussein committed crimes against humanity, that he subjected the Iraqi people to murder and torture, and that he unleashed weapons of mass destruction against his own people.

So I can only arrive at the conclusion that perhaps someone is insinuating that the horrific terrorist bombings that have occurred in Bali, in Riyadh, Madrid, Jerusalem since Saddam Hussein's ouster would not have occurred if he were still in office. Now, that is just preposterous. I know that no one would suggest such a thing.

President Bush was right when he said that we cannot distinguish between the terrorists and the states that sponsor those terrorists. Regimes like Saddam Hussein's still exist. Those brutal outlaw regimes around the world who are there supporting the terrorist organizations are our enemies just as the terrorists themselves.

Clearly, without Saddam Hussein, America is safer. The Middle East is safer. Just ask the Israelis. Ask them if they feel that they are not safer without the threat of Saddam and his Scuds aiming at Tel Aviv. Of course they are safer. Of course the world is safer.

Mr. Speaker, I would like to close by thanking God that we have our troops and our young men and women who are volunteering their lives, risking their lives to go and take the battle to the front lines, to take the battle to the terrorists so that perhaps we can avoid another terrorist attack on our homeland.

Mr. Speaker, some people may flinch when they look in the eyes of the terrorists, but with this President in this House with the American people, that will never happen.


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