Issue Position: War on Terror

Issue Position

By:  John Barrow

The men and women who are defending our freedoms and promoting democracy in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world deserve our total support and our unwavering commitment. That's why Congressman Barrow has consistently voted to give our troops the resources they need on the battlefield, and to give our intelligence agencies the help they need to stop terrorist attacks before they happen:

* Voting in favor of full funding for the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, and repeatedly opposing an immediate troop withdrawal or an arbitrary timeline for withdrawal from Iraq.

* Supporting the reauthorization of key provisions of the Patriot Act, particularly those that allow greater coordination between intelligence, federal law enforcement, military, and immigration officials while maintaining safeguards to protect our privacy.

As a former county commissioner, John Barrow understands the pressure that homeland security places on city and county governments. As local governments are called on to bear more and more of the burden of national defense, Congressman Barrow has fought to make sure the federal government helps pay its full share of the cost, so that all levels of government have the staff, equipment, and resources they need to respond to any threat.

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