Issue Position: Strengthening Social Security and Medicare

Issue Position

By:  John Barrow

Social Security needs to be protected and preserved for future generations. That's why Congressman Barrow has consistently opposed attempts to privatize Social Security or cut guaranteed benefits.

To help solve Social Security's long term challenges, John Barrow believes that Congress ought to pay back all the money that has been taken out the Social Security trust fund, while developing new ways to help every American save for retirement in order to supplement what they have earned in Social Security benefits through a lifetime of hard work.

When it comes to strengthening Medicare, John Barrow has voted against over $13 billion in proposed Medicare and Medicaid cuts - fighting to help protect health services for the poor and funding for home health care providers. In addition, to help make sure that America's doctors continue to provide care to Medicare patients, Congressman Barrow has cosponsored legislation to help make sure those doctors are fairly reimbursed for the services they provide.

John was not in Congress when the new Medicare Prescription Drug plan was written and passed, but has worked to try and fix some of the obvious problems that were designed into the new program:

* To allow participants to change plans - without penalty - if they discover that the plan they selected was not the best choice for them.

* To give Medicare the authority to negotiate lower prices for the drugs they purchase through the new program. The current law bans Medicare from negotiating lower prices.

* To prohibit private drug plans from taking prescription drugs off the list of drugs they cover over the course of a year.

In the spring of this year, Congressman Barrow hosted information sessions in the 12th District to help area seniors learn more about the Medicare Part-D enrollment process - answering questions and helping provide the information they needed to avoid the May 15th enrollment penalty.

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