Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

By:  John Barrow

In the past 20 years, more than 11 million illegal immigrants have crossed into the United States - more people than the entire population of the State of Georgia. And the number keeps rising.

With more than half a million illegal immigrants coming into this country each year, Congressman Barrow believes America can't afford to ignore the illegal immigration crisis that's overwhelming many of our communities.

John Barrow's position on immigration reform is simple: secure our borders first and enforce the laws already on the books. Better border security means better homeland security, and that has to be our first priority.

Congressman Barrow opposes amnesty in any form, because that will only encourage more illegal immigration.

Consistently voting to strengthen the nation's immigration enforcement laws, Congressman Barrow has:

* Passed legislation to increase funding for the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program by $10 million, so that local police and law enforcement agencies are reimbursed for the out of pocket costs they pay to jail illegal criminal aliens.

* Supported the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act, which strengthens border security, continues the building of a border fence along the Mexican border, and makes it a crime to enter this country illegally.

* Voted to add five years to any sentence for violent crime or drug-trafficking when the offender is an illegal alien, and add 15 years to a sentence if the alien has previously been deported for criminal offenses and has re-entered the country.

* Voted to authorize more than $28 billion to hire over 2,000 new Border Security agents, additional Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, and increased resources for the nation's border patrol and national security operations.

* Voted to authorize the Defense Department to assign Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force service members to assist the Homeland Security Department with border protection.

Congressman Barrow also belives that the United States should insist that Mexico secure its side of the border, and take more responsibility for its own citizens on its own side of our shared border.

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