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Issue Position: Ethics

Issue Position


Arrogant and criminal behavior by a handful of corrupt Congressmen, federal officials, and Washington lobbyists is crippling the government's ability to effectively serve our country. That's why Congressman Barrow supported the ethics reform bill that passed the House earlier this year - to help clean up the mess and move America forward.

While the bill doesn't go far enough, it improves on the status quo by:

* Denying congressional retirement benefits to any U.S. House member convicted of a felony.

* Demanding that any Member of Congress or senior staff disclose outside job negotiations, in order to help ensure that votes are not being traded for future jobs.

But that bill was just a baby step in the right direction - not the comprehensive reform we need to pass if Congress ever hopes to regain the people's trust. That's why Congressman Barrow is fighting to include additional measures:

* Former Members of Congress should be required to wait at least two years before being allowed to lobby their former colleagues. Barrow also supports closing the loophole that allows former Members of Congress to "lobby" the White House and other federal agencies while waiting their turn to lobby their former colleagues.

* Any Member of Congress sponsoring an earmark should be required to publicly disclose any financial interest they have in the subject of their earmarks. Barrow also believes that the final version of any bill containing earmarks should be made public at least three days before Congress votes on the bill, in order to ensure greater scrutiny and accountability.

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