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Richmond County Daily Journal - Republican Candidate Hopes to End Secrecy

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Location: Richmond, NC

Richmond County Daily Journal - Republican Candidate Hopes to End Secrecy

Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory discusses his plans for the future of North Carolina energy with Edwin Richardson and Chris Yaklan, both of Ellerbe, and other Richmond County residents.

By Suzi Carter

Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory aims to change the "culture of secrecy" that he said is the "real danger" to the people of North Carolina.

"Beverly Purdue's commercial says that I'm a real danger to the middle class," McCrory said at a fundraising breakfast at the Cole Auditorium on Wednesday. "But the real danger is the current leadership of North Carolina. You know them, but they don't know you."

McCrory said that public service is his calling and he wants to make the tough decisions necessary take charge and change the culture of North Carolina government.

"If not now, when? If not who, then who else?" he said. "We've got to do now to change this culture."

McCrory spoke of conservation and investing in "all viable energy sources" across the state such as wind, solar, clean coal and nuclear. He said off-shore drilling would create jobs, generate revenue that would be passed on to revitalizing towns.

"We need a governor who understands energy," he said. "We need a governor who is not going to complain, who will work with other governors. While Washington stays paralyzed, we're going to solve this energy crisis.

"Bev Purdue says she's 100 percent opposed to off-shore drilling. She says it's not going to occur on her watch. I agree, it's not going to occur on her watch. It's going to occur on my watch."

These comments garnered an ovation from those in attendance.

McCrory said he wants to recruit new jobs to the state by drawing in new businesses and industries and by emphasizing vocational training in schools to create a technical labor force.

"We need an education policy that meets employment needs," he said. "It's a Catch-22. You have to have labor to get jobs and jobs to get labor."

McCrory spoke of the "inexcusable" trends in the state criminal justice system.

"I'm tired of telling a victim ‘I'm sorry we arrested this person and now they're back on the street,'" he said. "The governor next year will address that issue."

McCrory supports keeping illegal aliens out of the community colleges.

"It's hypocritical to train someone to get a job and then an employer can't hire them," he said.

McCrory said the Department of Transportation is so disengaged with the public that people have become fearful of standing and asking questions.

"In any business, you've got to go see the customer," he said. "You treat them as a customer. You even treat them as a boss."

McCrory said he wants to change the focus of state politics and return the state to "good government" that works for its citizens.

"The culture of state politics has been that everything centers around them, not around you," he said. "This is the only promise I will make you. If you elect me, I promise, you will see me after the election.

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