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Issue Position: What Proposals Do You Support to Stimulate the Economy? What Priorities Should We Have in the Federal Budget?

Issue Position


First we must address the huge deficit the Bush Administration and Republican Congress have created. When I am representing the people of the 2nd Congressional District, I will vote to reinstate the Pay-As-You-Go Rule. Under this rule, the country must balance its checkbook just like you and I do every month. When people are confident that their government is fiscally responsible, they will feel more comfortable investing and spending their hard earned money.

Again, we must increase the minimum wage. It is not only a moral issue, but an economic one as well. Putting money into the hands of people who will spend it will stimulate the economy.

No one has felt the crunch of rising gas prices like our small businesses. We must reduce fuel prices to stimulate economic growth. The first step is to end the billion dollar giveaways to big oil companies and to investigate the huge profits they are making while we feel the weight of skyrocketing prices at the pump. But this will only happen when we reduce the influence of bit oil lobbyists on our legislative process. Thus, one of the steps we must take to jump start our economy is lobbying reform.

Finally, we must invest in our most important resource - our people. A Brookings Institution policy brief concludes that a high quality universal preschool program could add $2 trillion to annual U.S. GDP by 2080 - talk about stimulating the economy. Initiatives such as the Pre-Plus Program, which I led, should be expanded and fully funded.

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