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The Daily Record - Schuring Outlines Jobs Plan


Location: Wooster, OH

The Daily Record - Schuring Outlines Jobs Plan

Leveling the playing field for global competition and providing American businesses with tools they can use to compete and win in that global marketplace are keys for strengthening the economy, according to 16th Congressional District Republican candidate Kirk Schuring.

Schuring unveiled his plan for jobs and families at a news conference Thursday at The Wooster Brush Co., a facility he called the "poster child" for the need of fair trade in the international market.

"We can't allow foreign competitors to take products like we have here at Wooster Brush, infringe on patent rights and then dump their products into the American market," Schuring said. "It's just not fair. We also need to make sure there are adequate work force and environmental regulations in place in other parts of the world, particularly in the emerging economies in India and China, and fundamentally, not to allow foreign governments to subsidize foreign manufacturers to dump products into our economy that are artificially lower in cost to the manufacturer."

Several representatives from small businesses and economic development groups in the district were in attendance to hear Schuring's plan, which calls for a simplified tax code, legal reform to minimize frivolous lawsuits and affordable health care, in addition to increasing the country's global competitiveness.

Schuring also advocates repealing the congressional moratorium on offshore drilling and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, as well as encouraging investment in alternative energy solutions.

"We transfer billions of dollars to foreign nations every year in exchange for oil," Schuring wrote in a release. "For this to stop, we must increase domestic production and invest in these long-term. If we don't make these crucial changes, high gas and oil prices will continue to negatively impact businesses' ability to grow and maintain their work force."

In addition, Schuring's plan calls for improving and expanding the country's transportation system to better accommodate freight traffic and also to create economic empowerment zones to use assets of the entire region.

Schuring is running against Democrat John Boccieri for the seat vacated by Ralph Regula, Navarre Republican, who is retiring.

Al Rodd, president of Wooster Brush, said Regula has done a lot for his company, as well as the entire district, during his 36-year tenure.

"Our relationship with Ralph goes back to my predecessor, Stan Welty Jr.," said Rodd, whose company has been in existence for 157 years and hasn't had a layoff since 1954. "He actually took some of our products to a trade committee in Congress and made an example of Wooster's quality products and less-than-quality products from China. (Regula) has done a real nice job for Wooster Brush, and if (Schuring) is elected, we would expect that would continue."

Daryl Revoldt, director of government relations for TechniGraphics, praised Schuring's plan on tax reform.

"Simplifying the tax code -- it's complicated for many individuals, but it's far more complicated for businesses," said Revoldt, whose company recently announced a $6 million expansion in Wooster that is creating an additional 150 new jobs. "Working in small business, which we are, I don't think the average taxpayer knows what the regulatory burden costs small businesses in terms of time, manpower and literally dollars toward that outside help. If you can simplify that, it's more money that can be directed toward productive activities. You don't need outside attorneys, outside accounting or outside consultants to help guide you. Ask any businessperson and they would probably say, 'Hallelujah.'"

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