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Hulshof Unveils HealthMAX

Press Release

Location: Kansas City, MO

Hulshof Unveils HealthMAX

Plan would help ALL Missourians gain access to affordable health coverage

Kenny Hulshof is introducing a comprehensive health care plan that will make affordable health care coverage available to all Missourians.

The Healthy Missouri Access Exchange - HealthMAX - will help low-income Missourians by covering many preventive services and by creating state-sponsored Health Savings Accounts (HSA). It will benefit all Missourians by being an accessible, portable choice for affordable health coverage.

"The health care challenges facing Missouri require innovative solutions that tap into market forces and ensure maximum access," Hulshof said. "HealthMAX is a unification of different, inventive ideas that have proven to be successful. As a whole, HealthMAX is a new and creative way to address Missouri's health care demands in the 21st Century."

The idea behind HealthMAX is simple. Any individual, small business or employer will have the option of naming HealthMAX as their health plan. Once in the system, they will be able to choose among a variety of plans suited to fit their needs. It will be a new marketplace designed to increase access to care for everyone. HealthMAX will be available to all Missourians, regardless of employment or health status.

HealthMAX addresses the needs of low-income Missourians by creating a program that provides health insurance plans connected to HSAs. The state will pay the premiums for these plans and subsidize the accounts. Incentives will be in place to encourage responsible management of the HSA.

But HealthMAX doesn't stop there. It will make it easier for small business owners to offer health care coverage to their employees, as well.

"HealthMAX helps the most vulnerable Missourians and more," stated Hulshof. "This is a bold new answer to the health care questions facing Missouri."

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