Issue Position: Homeland Security

Issue Position

By:  Pete King
Location: Unknown


Pete King strongly supports the PATRIOT Act, wiretapping foreign terrorists, profiling foreign terrorists at our airports and allowing the CIA to carry out tough interrogations of foreign terrorists. Pete has fought hard to increase Homeland Security funding for police and firefighters in New York City and on Long Island. Pete King was also the most outspoken and forceful leader to oppose the plan to turn over the control of major American ports to a company based in Dubai, an Arab Emirate that once recognized the Taliban and still does not recognize Israel. During his time as Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, Pete was responsible for the passage of historic legislation regarding port security, chemical plant security and restructuring the nation's emergency response system. Pete has also had the courage to speak out against radical Muslim leaders on Long Island who blame Israel, the CIA and the FBI for the 9/11 attacks instead of bin Laden and al Qaeda.

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