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Issue Position: Protecting Social Security and Helping Families Save

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Protecting Social Security and Helping Families Save

Social Security is a contract between generations, and we must honor our commitment and never forget about our seniors or our disabled. We must strengthen Social Security and do more to help Americans save for retirement, so that all Americans can have a secure retirement after a lifetime of hard work.

Social Security has enabled millions of seniors to escape poverty and the principles of the program have become a cornerstone in our society. I am committed to improving Social Security benefits for our seniors, while finding bipartisan solutions to keeping the program solvent for future generations.

Protect the Social Security Trust Fund:

The first step towards strengthening Social Security is to return to a path of fiscal discipline. Congress should never use the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for new spending.

I have also introduced H. J. Res 45, a Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution. This legislation will ensure that Congress does not spend the Social Security Trust Fund.

Help Families Save For Retirement:

I support programs that will help working class families save for retirement and supplement Social Security benefits. The federal government must encourage financial institutions and employers to provide saving incentives for working class families. In addition, I will fight for measures that oblige private corporations to fulfill their pension plans they have promised to their employees.

Oppose the Privatization of Social Security:

I will never support the privatization of Social Security. We cannot gamble away the livelihood of seniors based on the stock market. Privatization is not the answer to fixing Social Security and can lead to a significant cut in benefits for our most vulnerable seniors.

Social Security is meant to be a safety net for retirees, disabled workers and survivors, and privatization will jeopardize this safety net.

Fortify And Preserve Social Security:

We must take the mandatory steps necessary to make Social Security solvent for future generations. We cannot dismantle a program that millions of seniors depend on as their only source of income, and a bipartisan solution is necessary to solve this complex problem. The Social Security actuaries estimate that full Social Security benefits can be dispensed until 2052; therefore, Congress should establish a taskforce that carefully studies this problem and offers policy solutions.

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