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Issue Position: Clarke's Progressive Democrat Vision

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Clarke's Progressive Democrat Vision

"Our COMMUNITY and our NATION are a family; a caring and responsible family. Our America is a place where people care for and about themselves and others. It is an America where people act responsibly with strength and effectiveness..."


One: caring and RESPONSIBILITY for all carried out with strength and conviction

Two: PROTECTION, fulfillment in life and fairness -- an America where dreams can come true in safety for any individual willing to put forth the effort

Three: FREEDOM, opportunity and broad prosperity

Four: COMMUNITY, service, and cooperation -- responsibility requires service to shape our community

Five: TRUST, honesty, and open communication in and from our government

Progressive principles:

1. Equity -- work hard, play by the rules, serve your family/community/nation then the nation should provide the environment for you to have a decent standard of living, freedom, security, and opportunity

2. Equality: guaranteed political equality and avoid imbalances of power

3. Democracy -- maximize citizen participation, minimize concentration of political, corporate, religious, and media power. improve journalistic standards. Establish publicly financed elections. Invest in public education. Bring corporations under stakeholder not just stockholder control.

4. Government for a better future -- promote and provide sufficient protection, greater democracy, more freedoms, better environment, broader prosperity, better health, greater fulfillment, less violence, and provide and maintain infrastructure.

5. Ethical business -- business should not adversely affect the public good

Policy directions

1. Security -- military strength, strong diplomatic alliances, wise foreign and domestic policy, safe at home/abroad and helping people around the world

2. Economy -- innovation that leads to good paying jobs to provide a fair opportunity to prosper

3. Health -- access to state-of-the-art, affordable health care for all Americans

4. Education -- vibrant, well-funded, expanded public education system where children are taught the truth about their nation, its wonders and its blemishes

5. Early childhood -- high quality early childhood education

6. Environment -- clean, healthy, safe -- water you can drink, air you can breathe, and beautiful, clean places to go. Polluters pay.

7. Energy -- renewable for both the economy and the environment

8. Openness -- open, efficient, fair government that tells the truth and earns the trust of every American

9. Equal rights - race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation

10. Protections -- for consumers, workers, retirees, investors

Effective government -- smaller government supposedly eliminates waste; it really eliminates social programs and increases spending in areas than endanger personal freedoms. We need government that is responsible and responsive to all the people. We need government that gets the job done. a better future -- economically, educationally, environmentally, and in all other areas of life. Lowering taxes primarily for the rich elite has had the effect of the de-funding programs that give people opportunities for a better future. The proper goal is a better future for all Americans with efficient use of resources. Stronger America is about defense and every other dimension of strength -- effectiveness in the world, our economy, our educational systems, our health care system, our families, our communities, our commitment to the environment & the peoples of the world, and our integrity at home and abroad.

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