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Issue Position: Energy & Environment - Energy Policy

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Here in Wisconsin, we're doing a good job of striking the right balance between energy consumption and conservation, but in Washington, too much interest is being paid to consumption and far too little to increasing energy efficiency.

Recently the House considered the latest version of a proposed energy bill. This energy bill, originally drafted in secret by a task force loaded with industry lobbyists, does little to confront the serious energy challenges we face-- most importantly reducing our dependence on foreign oil. At a time when consumers are paying record prices at the gas pump, oil companies are recording record profits. Yet, this bill requires consumers and taxpayers to support the oil and gas industry with larger subsidies and special tax breaks. As with so many of this Administration's initiatives, working Americans are asked to sacrifice, so that the wealthy can have more.

Rather than investing more in renewable energy sources, this bill increases oil imports. Rather than insisting on cleaner air and water, this bill gives energy producers license, even funding, to further pollute the environment. The drafters of this bill were intent on satisfying the industry wishlist, rather than reducing the price of gas, protecting consumers from market abuses, safeguarding our air and water, or improving the infrastructure of our energy markets.

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