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Allard Comments On Roan Plateau Lease Sale

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC


U.S. Sen. Wayne Allard (R-Colo.), commented on today's Roan Plateau lease sale:

"I am pleased that the BLM was able to move forward with the Roan Plateau Lease Sale," said Allard. "Today's sale was important for the people of Colorado because it will generate millions of dollars in revenue for the State. It is also important for people throughout the nation. Development of the oil and gas resources on the Roan Plateau will do more to lower fuel prices than this drill-nothing-Democrat-Congress has done all year.

"While I am pleased that the lease sale took place, I am disappointed that it didn't generate more money for Colorado. The efforts of anti energy politicians took their toll in the form of lower bids than we expected and cost Coloradans millions of dollars by pandering to the extreme environmentalists.

"Development on top of the Plateau is the result of a lengthy and thoughtful planning process that has put the needs of Colorado first. The development is one of the most environmentally conscious plans ever created, representing over seven years of collaboration between local, state and federal officials. It will be conducted in a staged, ridge-by-ridge approach, and minimize wildlife habitat fragmentation."

The BLM's plan will confine development on the Plateau to corridors along existing roads, limiting surface disturbance on top to one percent, or approximately 350 acres, at any one time. This phased approach to development encourages innovation in minimizing disturbance and reclaiming disturbed areas.

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