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Issue Position: National Security

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Congress must protect the security, both at home and abroad, of the United States. America is facing a dangerous enemy made up of Islamic terrorists who are determined to destroy our way of life. To defeat these terrorists and win the War on Terror, Congressman Scalise believes that we must remain vigilant and determined, as well as united in support of the armed forces.

As a member of Congress, Scalise is working to ensure that America's armed forces have the funding they need and the best equipment available to defeat America's enemies and keep the country safe. The United States has the strongest and most effective fighting force in the world, and Congressman Scalise is determined to keep it that way. He believes that the best way for America to achieve peace during these dangerous times is to remain strong.

To protect the United States against terrorist attacks, Congressman Scalise also believes that we must protect our borders and improve security at our ports and points of access. He is also dedicated to ensuring that local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies have the tools and support needed to protect families in Louisiana and throughout the United States.

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