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Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

Issue Position


As Chair of the House Democrats' Jobs and Economy Task Force, I am working to engage in meaningful dialogues with key stakeholders to help craft a progressive economic agenda that will help strengthen our nation, lead to job creation, and ensure that everyday, hardworking Americans are guaranteed a decent standard of living.

Jobs are being outsourced, pensions are not secure, the cost of living continues to increase, while wages are stagnant. Efforts to organize and protect workers rights are being forcefully challenged by corporations. At the same time, the Bush Administration and its allies in Congress continue to push a legislative agenda that undermines the organized labor movement and rewards businesses and high paid executives at the expense of the American worker.

Our country will not be able to maintain its position as a global leader unless we find a more balanced approach, because we cannot have a strong economy and good jobs without strong businesses - small and large. To that end, the Jobs and Economy Task Force is working to ensure that workers and responsible corporations are able to thrive and survive during times of economic challenge. I believe in taking the long-term view and thinking about the kinds of investment it takes to keep the American economy competitive in the global environment, such as investments in transportation, infrastructure, technology, education and the American workforce.

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