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Issue Position: Everglades

Issue Position


The Everglades is home to many threatened and endangered species including the American crocodile, green turtle, Florida panther, and the Cape Sable seaside sparrow. Protection of these animals will depend upon restoring the natural flow of water through the Everglades and cleaning up water pollution which threatens their natural habitat.

The flow of water through the Everglades is controlled by a complex system of canals known as the Central and South Florida Project (C&SF). Built 50 years ago to protect against frequent floods which used to occur throughout South Florida, the C&SF Project prevents flooding by channeling water away from the Everglades and into the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico . In addition to flood protection, the system provides water to farms and drinking water to South Florida residents. Although the C&SF Project provides these important benefits, scientists have learned that the water control system also harms the natural environment by taking water away from the Everglades .

As the Member of Congress who represents much of the Everglades, restoring the Everglades is one of my highest priorities. I look forward to continuing work with every Member of Congress so the Everglades will be restored as quickly as possible. The Florida Everglades is a national treasure which must be preserved for all Americans and future generations.

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