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Issue Position: Cuba

Issue Position


As a Representative from the State of Florida, I am deeply concerned about the political situation in Cuba. Fidel Castro's communist regime has curtailed the civil rights and freedoms of millions of people on the island. This repressive treatment should not be tolerated, and Castro's hostile attitude toward the United States can only be repaid with economic sanctions.

The announcement by Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro that he would not seek the position of President of the Council of State and Commander in Chief and his subsequent stepping down represents a historic opportunity for the next generation of Cuban leadership. They should embrace the world community by releasing political prisoners, holding free and democratic elections and allowing for the full participation of political parties and unions. Only then can they expect a return embrace in the form of easing sanctions. A relationship with the community of nations must be earned through meaningful reform.

The United States government should not reward governments guilty of human rights violations and repeated threats with commerce and economic endorsements. Therefore, I support the economic embargo against Cuba. Under current U.S. law, the embargo does not deny medicines or medical supplies to Cuba. Rather, it encourages the donation of humanitarian aid, with the important provision that it is not used for oppressive purposes by the Castro government.

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