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Republican 'Drill Only' Plan Doesn't Bring Down Gas Prices


Location: Washington, DC

Republican 'Drill Only' Plan Doesn't Bring Down Gas Prices

House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn today released the following statement on the activities of a handful of House Republicans on the House Floor today.

"After nearly eight years of House Republicans rubber-stamping policies of the oil men in the White House that were hand-tailored by and for big oil, Americans are suffering under over $4-a gallon gas. Not only do these Republicans refuse to take responsibility for the failed energy policies of the past, but they are pushing the same old ‘drill only' plan that will do nothing to bring down gas prices in the near-term. At least they're recycling.

"The Bush Administration's own Energy Department has reported that repealing the offshore drilling ban today won't produce oil or gas until 2017 and would have no impact on prices before 2030.

"The Republican ‘drill only' plan doesn't work, and they've stood in the way of comprehensive legislation that would increase supply, reduce prices, protect consumers and transition America to a clean, renewable energy-independent future.

"Before we adjourned, Republicans blocked several bills that would have done something to address high gas prices in the near-term—drawing down oil from the nation's own stockpile, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve; curbing speculation in the energy markets; expanding drilling in Alaska; and ‘Use it or Lose it,' legislation requiring energy companies to use the 68 million acres of taxpayer-owned land for which they already have drilling permits or allow others to drill on them. Furthermore, they've stood against legislation to crack down on price gouging, invest in renewable energy, establish the first new vehicle efficiency standards in 32 years, and repeal taxpayer subsidies for major oil companies that are making record profits.

"I hope that when we return in September Republicans will stop obstructing efforts to address skyrocketing gas prices and end America's dependence on foreign oil."

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