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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position


The health care situation in the United States must be remedied. Patients must have access to medical care that ensures quality of treatment, not just availability. In Congress, I have worked to improve our health care system.

* I co-sponsored the Alzheimer's Treatment and Caregiver Support Act which would allow for federal grants to certain health care providers to expand services for Alzheimer's patients and services for families and caregivers of those patients.

* I supported the Annie Fox Act, which would increase research, prevention and treatment efforts concerning cancer in young women.

* I supported the Breast Cancer Patient Protect Action, this act would ensure that group health plans such as HMOs provide inpatient coverage and radiation therapy to those undergoing breast cancer treatment.

* I supported the Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Act, which would allow federal funds to be allocated to institutions that study the effects of environmental factors in causing breast cancer.

* I supported the Community Cancer Care Preservation Act, this act would ensure that appropriate payments for cancer drug administration are delivered and improve coverage of cancer patients under Medicare.

* I supported the Colorectal Cancer Early Detection, Prevention and Treatment Act. This legislation would allow the Centers for Disease Control to institute a program to target colorectal cancer.

* I co-sponsored HR 1741, this legislation forces a 2-year freeze on the execution of a planned rule that may hinder Federal-State partnerships under Medicaid and SCHIP .

* I co-sponsored the Child Health Care Crisis Relief Act which would allow for the institution of programs related to mental health for children and adolescents.

* I co-sponsored the Health Centers Renewal Act, calling for the reauthorization of the Health Centers program for the next five years.

* I co-sponsored the Early Treatment for HIV Act, which would allow states to provide Medicare coverage for certain low-income HIV-infected individuals.

* I co-sponsored the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act, which does not allow unfair out-of-pocket costs for mental health and addiction care ensures that health plans have an out-of-network option for mental health and addiction care.

* I co-chair the Congressional Vision Caucus, this caucus works in Congress to ensure more attention is given to our vision.

* I supported the Vision Care for Kids Act, this act will award federal funds to states so they can provide eye examinations for those children with vision problems.

* I secured $1.6 million for Miami Children's Hospital to help fund their cutting-edge research to combat disease and keep our children healthy.

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