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Issue Position: Florida Keys

Issue Position


In Congress, I have been a strong advocate of the Florida Keys. Consistently voting against any attempts to drill off Florida's coast, I am committed to keeping the environmental integrity of the Keys intact.


* I supported the Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act, which would deal with problems created by the destructive storms of 2005. The act also includes wind coverage, an aspect that is important for families in the Florida Keys.

* I voted in favor of energy legislation that would increase fuel economy standards, will establish a national electricity standard and reinforces America's investment in alternative energy. This legislation promotes clean energy and oil independence for our country, a vital issue that America must address.

* I voted for the Coral Reef Preservation Act, this legislation would establish the first federal grant program to protect our coral reefs. Our coral reefs are environmental treasures which have an impact on our economy, and should be preserved.

* I Co-Chair and Co-Founded the National Marine Sanctuary Caucus, whose mission is to promote the role that national marine sanctuaries play in our nation's precious ecosystem.

I recently secured these important funds for the Florida Keys:

* $1,984,728 for Florida Keys Wastewater project

* $191,593 for Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary distance leaning program at Mote Marine Laboratory

* $191,593 for Monroe County Public Schools student computer program

* $294,000 for a Lower Keys shuttle system

* $98,000 for Marathon Municipal Boot Key Harbor facilities improvements

* $2,400,000 for Naval Air Station Key West facilities renovation

* I, along with Congresswoman Lois Capps of California, founded the National Marine Sanctuary Caucus. This caucus is a bi-partisan group that promotes the necessity of national marine sanctuaries and their positive effect on the environment.

# I co-sponsored the Coral Reef Preservation Act, which would provide federal funds to research into coral reef protection.

# Last year, I dove to the Aquarius Undersea Laboratory in the Florida Keys where I took part in a live question and answer session with schoolchildren while underwater.

# I worked closely with local, state, and Federal officials to combat beach erosion. Due to these efforts, the Army Corps of Engineers will import sand to our beaches to combat erosion, which could also threaten our local economy.

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