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Cubin Introduces Comprehensive Bill to Lower Energy Costs

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Cubin Introduces Comprehensive Bill to Lower Energy Costs

Representative Barbara Cubin (R-WY) joined a handful of her colleagues in introducing a comprehensive solution to the rising energy costs facing hard-working American families. H.R. 6384, the Americans for American Energy Act, is designed to help American consumers and to increase domestic energy security through conservation, production, and innovation.

The energy problem is a complex one, and solutions to it must therefore also be comprehensive. First and foremost, we must address the fact that U.S. consumption of oil has doubled since the 1970s, yet our domestic oil production has fallen nearly 40 percent since that time. To help address this imbalance, Congresswoman Cubin introduced in June a bill to significantly increase domestic refining capacity in the U.S. Representative Cubin is also drafting a separate bill to curb extreme environmentalist lawsuits, which seek to delay indefinitely further exploration of lands in the U.S. Through reasonable reforms, her bill, which will be introduced in the coming weeks, will maintain a sound balance among the multiple and varied uses for which our public lands are intended.

Congresswoman Cubin's bills are crucial components to the broader efforts of the Western Congressional Caucus to reduce our reliance on foreign energy sources. Other components of H.R. 6384, which will help create energy independence include: allowing the federal government to immediately begin issuing leases in waters beyond 100 miles, promoting the environmentally responsible exploration and development of the Coastal Plain of Alaska (ANWR), expediting the production of clean, domestic coal-to-liquid fuels, and increasing and extending personal and business efficiency tax credits and deductions. This list highlights only a portion of the 14 provisions within the comprehensive bill.

"Unlike what many in Washington suggest, our energy crunch cannot be solved by one quick wave of a magic wand. What we need is a comprehensive plan, which includes support for research and development of next generation energy technologies," the Congresswoman commented. "If Congress is serious about lowering the price of energy then Congress must act. This comprehensive bill I introduced along with the Western Caucus addresses the vast complexities involved when discussing our energy troubles. I urge more colleagues to join with me on this bill as we work together combat the energy hardships our families and nation face."

"I hope the Democrat leadership allows H.R. 6384 to the floor so we can vote to reduce the costs of energy for hardworking families throughout America. The American public has spoken loudly and clearly demanding action to lower energy prices. Congress needs to listen to their demands and respond by passing H.R. 6384," concluded Representative Cubin.

A summary of the Americans for American Energy Act, H.R. 6384, is attached to this release.

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