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Cubin Stands Up for Local Cabin Owners

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Cubin Stands Up for Local Cabin Owners

Congresswoman Cubin (R-WY) recently wrote to Mark Rey, Undersecretary of Natural Resources and the Environment for the United States Department of Agriculture, expressing her concern about the U.S. Forest Service's appraisal process for determining private cabin user fees on Forest Service land.

Rep. Cubin asserts that the Forest Service's implementation of the Cabin User Fee Fairness Act (CUFFA) is different from the intent of the law that she co-sponsored and that Congress passed in 2000. The intent of CUFFA was to ensure that cabin fees remained reasonable through a fair appraisal process. Unfortunately, in practice, the Forest Service fails to account for many of the factors that play a crucial role in determining the appraisal value of the cabins.

When the Forest Service appraisals are far higher than the market value of the home, the cabin owners are charged high cabin fees. As a result of the inflated appraisals and high cabin fees, many fear they will be forced to sell their cabins. In an effort to stop this, Representative Cubin requested that the Forest Service revise its appraisal process to ensure affordable cabin fees.

"Private cabins are an important component of public lands in Wyoming. The Forest Service should not jeopardize the private ownership of multi-generational cabins by charging unreasonable fees. I want to see the Forest Service carry out the intent of the law and establish a new, fair appraisal process," stated Rep. Cubin.

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