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The Murphy Report


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The Murphy Report

Dear Friend,

Welcome back to the Murphy Report! As you are aware, families and businesses across the country are struggling with record gas prices. In this edition you will find an update on some of the short- and long-term solutions I support. Please take the time to read through this email update and sign up to receive others like it. Also, don't forget to take the survey!
Short-Term Relief for Record Prices

In the last issue of the Murphy report, I told you about the plan to stop filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). In addition, I have also pushed for a number of other short-term solutions. These include, a paid-for federal gas tax holiday which could save an additional 18 cents per gallon and does not borrow from the Highway Trust Fund, tax relief for small business fuel purchases and legislation that that stops price gouging and market manipulation.

Congressman Murphy Discusses Solutions to High Gas Prices with Local Business Owners

Long-Term Solutions for Our Future

While we cannot simply drill our way to lower gas prices, we cannot allow oil companies to sit on their hands while families are struggling. That is why we must invest in renewable energy while increasing domestic oil production.

That's why I voted to force oil companies to "use it or lose it" with the 68 million acres of land they already have access to but are not drilling. In addition to putting more oil on the market, revenue raised from this effort will be invested in renewable energy.

Increased production, however, must be matched by a national commitment to increase energy production through innovation.

I am proud that right here in Bucks County, we are building the fourth largest solar field in America and a green energy hub at the old U.S. Steel site in Fairless Hills. Here, Pennsylvanians are building components for wind energy, solar power and alternative fuels. These companies are leaders in their field. They have already put nearly 1,000 people to work with more "green collar" manufacturing jobs on the way.

I proudly voted for bills that provide $20 billion in tax incentives for the investment, development and use of renewable energy and increase automobile fuel efficiency to 35 miles per gallon - the first increase in a generation.

Most importantly, Democrats and Republicans must continue to work together to harness more efficient technology and break our dependence on foreign oil so we can secure our future and declare energy independence.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this newsletter and for sharing your thoughts. To continue to receive The Murphy Report e-newsletter on a regular basis, please click the button at the top of this email - your personal information will be kept strictly confidential. Please keep in touch. If you need help in any way, please feel free to contact my office in Doylestown at (215) 348-1194 or in Bristol at (215) 826-1963.

Patrick J. Murphy

Patrick J. Murphy

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