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Gordon: Federal Government Needs Business Model

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Gordon: Federal Government Needs Business Model

Businessman and rancher, Mark Gordon, has interacted with the federal government for a lot in his life. Gordon is a Republican running for U.S. House and he says many of the agencies of the federal government are sorely lacking customer service. He says the Congress needs the budgeting ability of someone who has had to meet payrolls and keep businesses afloat.

"When times are tough you don't increase spending, borrow from foreign governments or call on taxpayers to bail you out," Gordon says. "We also can't keep forcing the responsible people of Wyoming and our country to subsidize risky behavior by speculators." Gordon has had a role in several small businesses in Sheridan and Buffalo. "We have to have people with fiscal discipline go to Congress and get spending under control. Our children's futures are at stake."

In terms of specific policies Gordon advocates for a strict adherence to Pay-As-You-Go rules where the Congress does not approve any new spending without reducing spending somewhere else, so there are no net increases in spending. Gordon is also in favor of further transparency. And he supports Senator John McCain's complete ban on earmarks. Gordon would look to the recommendations of the Government Accountability Office (GAO) as well as the various federal agency inspectors general to find waste, fraud, overlap and abuse within federal programs.

With regards to the budget, Gordon believes we should not continue to send supplemental appropriations bills which include the spending for the war on terror. While Gordon fully supports funding our troops, this funding needs to be included in the Department of Defense's annual baseline budget. Moreover he says the budget should account for the potential of future natural disasters like wildfires and flooding which are routinely funded through must pass measures or supplemental appropriations. "All of this would mean that when we talk about the budget we are clear with ourselves and with taxpayers about the total amount of spending the federal government approves of during each year," Gordon says. "We have to put an end to hidden sources of spending."

The other aspect of Gordon's plan is in reference to the responsiveness and size of government. Gordon says, "We must make sure federal agencies recognize and respect state, county, and municipal governments as well as the people they serve. We need more control over our destinies."

Gordon adds that there are many ways to improve the permitting process. Decision makers who live in the community must have a roll.

Through the campaign Gordon has talked about how the country is in a new era and needs to adjust to a new generation of workers and their lifestyles. "America needs to have its government become more attentive to the people it serves," Gordon adds. He says he would be a servant to the people and he and his staff will be extremely responsive to the people of Wyoming.

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