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Issue Position: Defense

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Our national defense is an issue that we cannot allow to fall by the waist side. The protection of our country requires constant attention and support, and this is especially true now that we are a country at war. Our armed forces daily risk their wellbeing in order to protect our nation from the malicious plots of terrorist and the sadistic schemes of tyrants. We as taxpayers and beneficiaries of the military's service must be willing to support these troops both emotionally and financially.

Every generation that has previously served our nation in combat has proven its bravery and commitment, and the current generation of American soldiers is no different. All of the commanding generals that I have met with boast that the volunteer forces that are currently deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan are the finest, most capable troops that this world has ever known. These forces have proven their ability to weed out terrorist within hostile lands and bring brutal dictators to justice.

In our continued War on Terror, we as a nation must continue to provide our Armed Forces with the newest and best equipment to aid in their efforts. The 1990's saw a dramatic cut in defense funding, which resulted in both our active forces and our reserves being disastrously under-equipped. In order to regain lost ground and transform our military into a force of the 21st Century, Congress has increased defense funding over the past four years and will conservatively consider increases as long as the need continues to exist.

I recognize that our national defense is not just contingent upon the efforts of the men in women in uniform but also the families of those who serve. The individual support groups of our soldiers are crucial to maintaining the morale of our forces, and I am committed to the development and implementation of family friendly policies within our armed forces.

In the 110th Congress, I will continue supporting our troops so that they can win this War on Terror, and I ask for your vote in November to ensure that this continued support is possible.

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