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Issue Position: Economy

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Ours is the country of "The American Dream"; it held the promise of prosperity and opportunity for frontiersmen and pioneers and it still holds that promise today for people all over the world. The American Dream is closely tied to the success of our economy and the job market. But we are going through uncertain economic times. Rising gas prices, soaring health care costs, and the failure to pass free trade agreements have all hurt our economy. Americans are facing very real challenges to afford even basic goods and services. We need to get back on track and we will. Our economy is resilient. The way forward through this challenging time is by continuing to pursue pro-growth policies.These policies support the innovation and investment that defines the Pacific Northwest. Our nation has thrived by giving the American spirit the freedom to innovate and challenge the limitations of our knowledge and our world. Let's meet the economic challenges we face with courage preserving space for American innovation and the free market to produce the solutions we need.

The Reichert Path to Prosperity

Keep Taxes Low for Families and Entrepreneurs

KeepiIssue Position: Economy
ng taxes low creates jobs and lower the deficit. If nothing is done and the current plans in Congress are carried out, taxes will increase by nearly $3,000 per Washington family. The last thing we should do in the middle of economic turmoil is raise taxes on families and entrepreneurs.

Enact Trade Agreements to Open New Markets and Create Jobs

We must also continue to enact free trade agreements. Washington is the most trade-dependent state in the nation; 1 in 3 jobs are connected to trade. We should open new markets for our businesses to grow, compete, and create jobs. The fact is, we now live in a global economy. We have the ability, innovation, brainpower and technology to make trade continue to work in our favor, and we must continue to bring jobs and greater security to Americans. Our workers can compete with anyone in the world - we need to give them that chance.

Make Health Care More Affordable

Today, the American healthcare system is in disarray. Costs are skyrocketing, and the sobering fact is that more than 45 million Americans currently live without healthcare -- including 9 million children. In the greatest country in the world, no family should ever have to choose between putting food on the table and taking a child to the doctor. Policies of the past and business-as-usual politics won't change a thing. The greatest obstacle to covering the uninsured is the cost of health care. If we want to reduce the number of uninsured Americans and make health care accessible to everyone, we must make health care more affordable by expanding individuals' choice of care, improving quality, and emphasizing preventative care. This will lower costs for workers, for employers and for taxpayers. And this can all be done while creating an even more effective safety net.

Develop New Energy Solutions

We must lower gas prices NOW by cracking down on price gouging, increasing refining capacity, and increasing domestic drilling in environmentally safe and responsible ways to bridge us to an energy-independent future. We must create incentives to invest in alternative forms of energy and nuclear power and support already available technologies like plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Ensure Quality Education for Every American

We must continue doing all we can to guarantee that here in America we're growing the best and the brightest students and future members of the workforce the world has ever seen. Investing in education particularly in math and science training will ensure our continued competitiveness in the global economy.

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