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Issue Position: Foreign Relations

Issue Position

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"This Administration has dug us into a very deep hole internationally. We need to end the war in Iraq and to restore our place in the world."

Joe Biden Will Work to Rebuild America's Standing Internationally

Using Diplomacy to Keep America Safe

Joe Biden knows that the Bush Administration has left the next president with virtually no margin of error diplomatically. With decades of experience on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and now its chairman, Joe Biden is a qualified senator to work to clean up the mess George Bush has made. Russia is rising on the world stage using oil as a weapon and China is becoming a greater force, both politically and militarily. Democracy is struggling in Latin America and oil has empowered dictators around the world who hold us hostage with their high prices. We need to end the genocide in Darfur as well as check Iran and North Korea's progress on nuclear weapons and prevent them from increasing their nuclear arsenal. America needs a senator with Joe Biden's experience to work to address these global challenges. As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Joe Biden will work to influence foreign policy so that it will draw upon all of America's strengths, including our ideas and our ideals, as well as our military might. In the Senate, Joe Biden will work to:

Rebuild Relationships

Joe Biden knows that the most effective way of fighting radical fundamentalists is working with our allies around the world. Joe Biden will rebuild alliances in international law enforcement, intelligence and financial circles, strengthening our forces in the fight against radical fundamentalism and restoring America's standing in the world

Secure Weapons

Joe Biden knows loose nuclear weapons in the former Soviet Union and other weapons of mass destruction pose a grave threat to the United States if they fall into the hands of extremist networks. Joe Biden will work to disrupt these extremist networks and improve detection systems to seek out these weapons before they harm the United States or our allies.

Advance Democracy

Joe Biden believes that democracy cannot be forced on any people and he will work to help build the political infrastructure to support democracies and prevent extremists from taking hold of weaker, growing democracies.

Joe Biden: A Career in Foreign Relations

Ending Genocide in Darfur

Joe Biden has been a leader in the effort to end the genocide in Darfur and believes we must act now--diplomatically and militarily. Joe Biden has pushed for a No Fly Zone in Darfur. He has traveled through the region and led a Congressional Delegation to the United Nations to encourage leaders there to step in with an international peacekeeping force.

Securing and Eliminating the Worst Weapons

Joe Biden has dedicated his career to eliminating the threat of nuclear weapons. He pushed for the SALT II treaty, the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, and the convention banning chemical weapons. Joe Biden will continue his efforts to reduce nuclear arsenals around the world and secure stockpiles of dangerous weapons in the former Soviet Union.

Working for Peace and Justice in the Balkans

When Joe Biden sees atrocities in the world, he acts to put a stop to them. Joe Biden will continue his record of promoting peace and justice as he did when he called for U.S. intervention in the Balkans in the 1990s. Joe Biden's efforts to bring US intervention helped Bosnians and Kosovars find and keep peace.

Increasing Alliances

When the Cold War ended and new democracies emerged in Eastern Europe, Joe Biden led the effort to expand NATO to include Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, and he's been a strong supporter of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Fighting Terrorism

Joe Biden knew before 9/11 the threat extremism posed to Americans and urged the Bush Administration to refocus efforts on terrorism he predicted would come "in the belly of a plane." Joe Biden will continue efforts to secure American ports, rails, chemical plants and infrastructure.

Supporting Funding and Accountability for the United Nations

Joe Biden has been a strong supporter of UN funding and fought to pass groundbreaking legislation providing for payment of U.N. arrears based on organizational reform.

Keeping Drugs out of the United States

Joe Biden has worked hard as both Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs to keep drugs out of the United States and make counter-narcotic efforts a central priority of our foreign policy.

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