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McCrory to Perdue: Let's Change Tone of Campaign by Discussing Negative Ad Charges Face-to-Face

Press Release

Location: Charlotte, NC

McCrory to Perdue: Let's Change Tone of Campaign by Discussing Negative Ad Charges Face-to-Face

Mayor Pat McCrory, the Republican nominee for governor, today called on Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue to agree to participate in an open forum to discuss the issues raised in a recent negative television ad against McCrory. Below is the text of his letter:

Dear Lt. Gov. Perdue:

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party and labor unions have decided to start an advertising war with negative attack television advertising. You and I know we can do better for the voters. Although your campaign team rejected my former offer of a series of live statewide television debates on the issues, I hope you will consider a proposal to address negative advertising.

When negative advertising appears, we can clarify the issues by meeting face-to-face in an open, televised forum to discuss the charges and their truthfulness or pertinence. I would suggest we meet within the next week in an open, televised forum to discuss your party's charges that: 1.) I oppose the minimum wage, 2.) I favor pay increases for politicians and myself, and 3.) I oppose free community college tuition for all high school graduates.

It would be appropriate to hold our discussion on a community college campus such as Wake Tech. The format could be simple: 1.) We provide an equal amount of time to discuss the issues raised in the ad, 2.) we question each other for an agreed time on the issues, and 3.) we make closing comments. The moderator would ensure we both have equal time. I would suggest the community college president as the moderator of the first forum.

Negative advertising has become pervasive and you have expressed a personal opposition to negative campaigning. Perhaps, together, we can change the tone of campaigns by creating a situation where candidates are forced to defend negative advertising face-to-face. Our example can change the tone of this campaign and maybe future campaigns. It is worth a try.

My schedule is very full as I am sure is yours. But I will clear any day this week for our first attempt to end negative campaigns by directly addressing the issues.

Please feel free to contact me at my campaign office (704) 714-4344.


Pat McCrory

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