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Alleghany News - McCrory Visits Sparta on Jobs Tour

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Location: Unknown

Alleghany News - McCrory Visits Sparta on Jobs Tour

Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory visited Sparta last Thursday as part of his "jobs listening tour."

McCrory visited Martin Marietta Composites, where he talked to company officials and local government representatives during his one-and-a-half-hour visit.

McCrory noted during his visit, "If government continues to be the largest employer, we're hurting. We can't survive on the service industry."

Commission Chair Ken Richardson noted to McCrory that one problem that the county is facing is the loss of our young people.

McCrory stated, "You have to keep your talent here...talent is what you use to recruit industry."

He later said that education in trades is very beneficial and that youths need to understand that they can make a living and raise their families here if they have the appropriate skills.

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