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Miller-Meeks Challenges Loebsack to Debate in Each of the Second District's 15 Counties

Press Release

Location: Ottumwa, IA

Miller-Meeks Challenges Loebsack to Debate in Each of the Second District's 15 Counties

Congressional candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks today challenged Rep. David Loebsack to debate in each of the district's 15 counties and said the debates should start while Congress continues its current weeks-long recess.

"Congressman Loebsack is part of the Democrat-controlled Congress that can't seem to find the time to approve flood relief for Iowans who desperately need to repair the damage to their lives and move forward. If he can't find time to do that, he should make the time to explain to Iowans exactly what's going on out there in Washington and why he's chosen to be part of the problem instead of part of the solution," Miller-Meeks said.

Miller-Meeks noted that Loebsack "promised to be an independent, ethical voice for Iowa but he's fallen right line with Washington's politics as usual."

"David Loebsack has stood with the people who are blocking additional U.S. oil exploration that would ease long-term demand and lower prices. He decided he was in favor of hiding information about budget earmarks from the people who pay the bills - American taxpayers. He's even voted to block the censure of a congressman accused of financial wrongdoing," Miller-Meeks said. "When he told voters in 2006 that it was 'time for a change,' no one thought that's what he had in mind. David Loebsack has pulled a bait-and-switch on the voters of this district."

Miller-Meeks said she three debates closer to the Nov. 4 election. However, she said Loebsack "owes it to the voters" across the district to participate in a series of debates in each county seat. She has designated a staff member to work with the Loebsack campaign to arrange the debates.

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